The inaugural Queensland Horticulture Export Conference (QHEC) is a platform to connect Queensland’s export-ready growers with existing and potential customers from key international markets.  A primary objective of the QHEC is to support the development of sustainable and ongoing international commercial relationships for the trade of Queensland’s fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs.


The QHEC program and activities will enable international buyers to better understand the benefits of trading with Queensland’s Horticulture Industry, such as our extended growing/ripening seasons and our diversity of commodities.  Additionally, buyers and growers alike will gain an increased appreciation for Queensland’s export production and supply chain capabilities and capacity.  Increased knowledge, understanding and consideration of these attributes helps to further “de-risk” the international trading opportunities with Queensland’s Horticulture Industry.


With the intent of supporting these outcomes and more through the program of speakers and showcase activities, this conference provides a major opportunity for international buyers, growers and stakeholders within the critical logistics supply chain. Attendance at the QHEC will help them explore positive long-term positions for their businesses.


Other proponents with an interest in international trading across Queensland’s Horticulture Industry and supply chain will also benefit from attending the QHEC.  With a program designed to support two of the core elements to sustainable International Trade – knowledge and relationships – there is something for everyone with a vested or potential interest in exporting Queensland’s Horticulture produce.


The conference will include several keynote presentations on:


1. Export Opportunities for Queensland Horticulture in Asia
2. A day in the life of an Agent
3. Agents and Growers working together
4. Export enablers adding value to the export chain
5. Grower with long and successful export track record
6. Experiences of a Grower new to export
7. Making the export supply chain work for Queensland Horticulture


Program outline is indicative only and is subject to change.